This essay aims to show the photojournalism techniques borrowed by Tinker, understanding the impact and integrations trees have in the engaging worlds around us. We all have memories and stories about the nature and plant life that we grew up and amongst, so taking a gimps


This photo is taken in the park across my house, a place filled with many memories of my teenage year. As kids we would often all meet at this trees before my friend and I embarked on a few adventures, riding and setting of small crackers around the neighbourhood. After a long day and many parents looking for us we would always meet back at this tree where we’d try climb it seeking safety.378787_299693590051619_761673264_n.jpg

Coming from Johannesburg I never fully grasped the presence the purple jacarandas have, last year was the first time I’d been in the city while they were in full blossom. At the point when this picture was taken it was a very fulfilling time as it getting to the end of the year and looking back on all the art works created and friends id make with all the long hours invested into the varsity. These trees to me represent the symbol of education and being at peace with the work you have done thus far.IMG-20151014-WA0016.jpg

It’s been four years with my lover and best friend, although it seems odd to link relationships with nature, I’ve felt this relationship particularly takes on an outdoors presence. Many hours and weekends are spent planting and hiking to new and exciting places. We both feel it is our duty to enjoy each other’s presence fully so we both take the time to put aside everything and just enjoy what we have already.


Although this isnt The fastening of the cargo strap and feather light thoughts is one of the first things I think of when talking about trees. I have a friend ‘’Gareth’’, who often invites me to slack line with him in the park across his house. The balancing and extreme control of very muscle is what makes this fun. We often however take for granted how supportive we are o the trees we use. Its moments like these that ill remember and enjoy the most.


ive decided interview my mother and father on a story relating to their own stories


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