Stewardship to the Natural Environment


This essay aims to unleash my inability to comprehend consciousness particularly with reference to my natural surrounds. Specifically involving the awareness that gets attached to plants animals and how it differs with human consciousness and elevated levels of awareness, we often feel as the presence or awakening of self-awareness.

Sitting among the lush harmony of integrated ecosystems I can’t help but feel a little left, left out of a conversation amongst which collective memory of life – laughs at my inability to listen to the calls of nature. Often times I feel limited as a human through the use of sense and how we blindly give into all instinctual urges, of glamorous material objects, lush food, cries of socialization and a thumping foot for every song heard. Although without sensory perception, many argue that life would be somewhat boring and be purposeless. I however feel that this escape of institutionalized consumerism will open my ears to my inner self-awareness causing a wakefulness of the deeper instinctual purpose of living. Every so often when I escape the world for a brief few hours, I get these glimpses of life spelled, flickering before me. These Flash backs feel like they could be the acid trip to any psychedelic film, the underlying feeling of understanding the paradox everything and nothing for that split moment in time


As I walk with my friend we both become aware of how involved we are in a capitalist world, often forgetting the wonders of the environment. we realise how we take it for granted how little we actually go for walks and hikes outside of the city as work and money quickly overpower our weak material minds.


Looking around me I see many trees and flowers, although I find it so refreshing, I also become disheartened as many of the organisms I have no knowledge of, proving my ignorance to the world around me. The feeling of deprived knowledge is one of the worst feeling to someone studying and trying to expand their own life by education. Many a time I think of what life must have been like through the tribes of Kohl-San, the amount of knowledge and information on all the plants and animals around them. As a modern society we have lost your grips from the world around, very few can name the plants in their garden let alone know what the health impacts or dangers it has on our body.

As I walk through the integrated paths and see dense terrain I realise that it’s not that we don’t have this knowledge, I believe it’s still with us passed down through the evolution of mankind, our instinctual minds are still so saturated with information- they just become unattainable with the lifestyle we choose to live in.IMG_3839

This essay uncovers the idea of consciousness in the plants and animals around us. The way the natural world integrates around us, becomes lost to the modern mankind as we often overlook the simplicities in life. Through meditation we uncover a whole universe and way of life we become unexposed to because of consumerism and different ways of life. This is a personal interpretation of my thoughts placing my life in the absence of the garden I’ve visited.


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